Hello I'm 62, had surgery to remove lung carcinoid (1.5cm) in 2007. Still go every yr for ctscan. Why? Will the tumour recur? Million thanks.

Carcinoid tumor. Carcinoid tumors should be monitored like any other lung tumors. Therefore it is recommended and follow up on patients for 5 years after surgery, in order to consider the patient as disease free.Even after that carefull attention and follow up can be done after the five years.
It could. If your lung carcinoid was a "typical" carcinoid and removed when only 1.5 cm in size your 5 year disease free survival is greater than 95% but not 100%, because 4% have recurrence. That is why your doctors are following the national guidelines for follow up of lung cancers, even though your lung cancer has the lowest risk of recurrence of all the lung cancers. Thank them.