How many children will be affected if one parent has the disorder?

WHAT DISORDER ? To get the most out of this information site you need to be follow some basic rules.Within your submission, provide pertinent background information.In this case it would be the name of the disorder. Then ask a clear question, as you have. Since you provided no background, we don't know if your issue is food poisoning, cystic fibrosis, etc. We cannot see your uploads or or prior questions.
It depends. With some, the chance is 50%6, others are 25% and still others are lower, because of all the different ways in which genetic disorders are inherited. New technology in behavioral genetics is advancing rapidly, so that we can make more specific diagnoses and give parents more information to consider when making reproductive choices.
Disorder. It depends if the disorder is autosomal or sex linked. Further it depends on if it is autosomal dominant or recessive.