Related Questions

My muscle are all sore and I have headaches and stomach aches but not really nauseous what could be causing this?

Multiple issues. Those symptoms may all be related and it could be due to a current prescription medication or an underlying medical condition. Those complaints require a thorough physical exam and some blood work. If you are taking any medications they will need to be reviewed.
Need Evaluation. Multiple symptom presentations like yours could be due to a number of systemic diseases. You need a comprehensive evaluation to include blood work, physical examination and a careful comprehesive history including medications and supplements taken.

What is causing stomach aches, headaches, and fever?

Most likely a virus. Most likely a virus, but strep throat can have all those symptoms too. Go see the doctor if it continues!

What are the causes of vomiting, fever, headaches and stomach aches?

Probably viral. It is usually related to a viral infection. If the symptoms persist, you should seek a medical evaluation.