Can mold in your home make you emotional have head pain allergys like itchy nose stomic pain an just make you sick an emotionally crazy?

Mold. If you have mold allergy, you can experience an itchy nose, nasal congestion and headaches. These if present for a long time can technically dirve you crazy, out of frustration and not feeling well. You should first establish if you are allergic to mold, see an allergist if you have the above symptoms.

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What could stool changes sn itchy nose ears an blister bumps on right side of body an stomach pain bye belly button as well as overly emotional is th?

Symptoms. You have so many diverse symptoms and your typing makes it difficult to fully read. To be honest, it sounds like you should start by seeing your primary care doctor to actually lay eyes and hands on you, as well as to consider if labs or imaging studies are warranted. You should see a doctor. Read more...