I'm taking penicillin for an infection in my mouth from a tooth decay is it normal for my urine to be a darkish yellow and smell like penicillin?

Penicillin. It is not normal for penicillin to change the color of your urine. The darker color suggests either more concentrated urine (you may be a little dehydrated secondary to not eating enough with your dental problem) or a sign of liver dysfunction. I have to say I have no idea what penicillin smells like in the urine. No patient has ever previously reported that symptom to me in 30+ years.
No color change. Penicillin can' change the smell of your urine, but the color should not change, make sure you are drinking enough water while on the antibiotic.
Antibiotics and urin. The body removes what antibiotic it can't absorb in the GI tract via the feces and urine so not unusual to have urine that has a smell like the antibiotic.
Yes. Depending on the type penicillin, they are usually excreted from the kidneys. Therefore, excess medication will discolor your urine. This may last a few days after the last dosage is taken.
Yes. Yes! But you need to drink more water - dark yellow urine is and indication that the urine is concentrated and that there is not enough water for the kidneys to flush out the toxins. Penicillin is removed from the body in the kidneys, as it too is a toxin. To be effective it needs to be replaced at intervals throughout the day and night. It does have a characteristic odor.