Criatinine question. Been getting criatinine levels of 1.3ish for the last 2 years. How serious is this? I am 220, relatively active m in early 30s.

Consult your doctor. You did not provide your gender and race which are needed to calculate an estimated glomerular filtration rate, a better indicator of renal function than creatinine alone. I entered you as a non-african ameican male and got a value of 73, which is less than desirable though not too bad. Consult your doctor for a fuller evaluation of your kidney function.
CRETININE LEVEL. Creatinine level of 1.3 which is constant over two years is no big problem but I want to know if you have an undrlying kodney or other diseaselike diabetes, hypertension. Do you have protein in your urine and if your GFR is more then60.If all that is negative you do not have to worry and have it checked once a year. You are young and do not worry.