I woke up with my heart skipping every other beat and chest pressure. I am on my period. I do not have palps now but I am scared.

There are a . Couple of issues possible. Considering your history one would say its likely anxiety. Take your pulse, make sure it is regular and not markedly elevated(around 150). There is also the temptation to send you to the er but it's unlikely an emergency. Good luck.

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Drank alc, 2redbulls and took concerta 54mg on new years. Ekg, sonogram all good. Chest pressure, heart palpitation and sob still. How long to befine?

Effects not lasting . The combination that was consumed could have caused a cardiac event but if nothing has been identified you should not still be having symptoms. If Concerta is being used intermittently it could exacerbate any underlying tendencies to have palpitations and a holter monitor may provide more info. Stimulants are controlled substances and should not be used without medical supervision. Read more...