I have squeezing chest pressure and bleching. Heart attack? I have no left arm pain but keep belching and I am bloated.

Chest pressure. If you are an 18 year old female, this decreases risk for a heart attack. However, squeezing chest pressure and belching can be symptoms for a heart attack or for angina. It you were an older man, i would likely recommend that you call 911. Please seek medical care if you your pain is not resolving or right away if you have any trouble breathing.
Why belching? Belching might cause abdominal and chest pain, the muscle might be the source of that. But why do you belch and are bloated. Try to find out what food cause it. See a doc to help you.
Not Heart. It is either a panic attack or a stomach bug. No need to go to er!

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Is chest pressure due to heart attack likely to cause belching?

It can. Nausea vomiting and belching are frequently associated with heart attacks which can lead to delays on patients seeking treatment. Read more...
Not the usual. Some times with right coronary disease the symptoms mimic GI problems. Belching and hiatal hernia and esophagitis are more usual, together. Read more...

Having inner left arm pain intermittently after exertion. Some heart palpitations and tightness across chest. Is this a heart attack?

Tricky. Bayesian analysis is the likelihood of something is the product of how strong the evidence TIMES how likely the thing is to begin with. Great speech*0% noncorrupt politician is still zero likelihood . In theory, exercise induced pain in chest radiating down the arm is classic for heart. Rare heart attacks in young people without cocaine or meth use, but more than honest pols. Get Checked Out. Read more...