Related Questions

Is taking vitamin d safe in early pregnancy?

Yes, and recommended. Vitamin d is essential in pregnancy. Actually it should have begun before pregnancy, as it takes 3 mos. To reach appropriate levels with just daily replacement, unless you load up with high doses at the beginning of therapy. Check w/your ob. Calcium is also important. As well as folate and prenatal vitamins.

Is it safe to take calcium and vitamin d during pregnancy?

Yes. Building healthy bones & teeth. While your bones provide an abundant supply of calcium for your developing baby, you can insure you're not depleted of this vital mineral by taking 1500mg of calcium and 400 units of vitamin d daily while pregnant and breastfeeding too. While many prenatal vitamins contain the later, they often don't have enough calcium. Dairy products or a supplement will suffice.
Yes. It is not only safe, it is essential, unless your dietary intake meets your provider's recommendations.

Is vitamin d supplement recommended for pregnant women with a level of 22? Will low vit D affect baby/pregnancy? Safe to take with prenatals?

Very important. Vitamin D3 is a critical hormone and plays an important role in fetal development. An optimal level is 50ng/dl so you need to supplement. Work with your doctor to put a plan in place. Go here for more information http://m.acog. Org/Resources-And-Publications/Committee-Opinions/Committee-on-Obstetric-Practice/Vitamin-D-Screening-and-Supplementation-During-Pregnancy? IsMobileSet=true.