Treadmill for 21 min, speed 5 mph, 2 km, heart rate 145 bpm. Too fast or normal?

Exercise. There is no right answer here. Congratulations for doing daily exercise. As long as you are able to speak in a full sentence during your workout and have no chest pain then medicine has no opinion on this exercise and you should proceed as you wish.

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I walked for 7 min on my treadmill at 2.4 speed. Slow and my heart rate was 160 and I felt like it works to hard for so little. Why can this be?

Maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate response to exercise can be predicted using the 220 - age in years. For you at age 24 the maximum rate should be 196. To achieve maximum benefit you should aim for 50 - 85% of the maximum predicted heart rate or 98 - 166. As your fitness level increases, your resting heart rate will decrease. . Read more...