I'm teased at school so I was woundering if you can get a tummy tuck at 14?

No. I am sure you are a smart girl. But if you actually knew what was involved in getting a tummy tuck, i believe that you would not undergo this procedure until you are over 18 and done with having children. Others will always find a reason to tease you. Do not feel that you have to change yourself to please others. Surgery will never make you happy in this instance.
Not a chance. Not a candidate until you are fully developed. Please consider a conditioning program. Not only will it assist your body habitus, it will be absolutely invigorating. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
Young Tummy Tuck. I would not generally recommend a tummy tuck at such a young age. A tummy tuck is really the only option if you have excessive loose skin, but is not an operation for weight loss. Make sure you are following a strict diet and exercise plan and are at your ideal weight. Much of your skin may snap back and recover at such a young age.
Depends. Most 14 year olds do not need a tummy tuck unless they have had a child ( and have abdominal wall laxity that is symptomatic with back pain). There are other procedures that may help other than a full tummy tuck such as a mini tuck and or liposuction. It depends on the problem. You may need a panniculectomy if you have lost weight.
No. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) are for older patients who have had children... Start exercising and eating a healthy diet to feel better about yourself... Not for the other kids.
Nope. At 14, the operation would likely not give the desired results anyway. Sorry.
Tummy Tuck Age. Hi, it would be best to wait until you are 18 years old. Since you are still developing a lot could change between then and now. Consider changing diet and exercise and you may be able to get a desirable change just with this.
Bad idea. Abdominoplasty is done to tighten the muscles of the abdomen, which have usually been stretched by pregnancy or massive weight gain. For this reason, it is not recommended for women until they are finished with childbearing. I have never heard of this procedure being done in someone so young. If you are upset about your appearance, i would try everything possible before surgery.
Not Usually. Tummy tuck is not particularly recommended for a 14 year old unless you are suffering form physical problems such as ulceration, intertrigo erythema, skin breakdown, etc.