Hi my insurance doesn't pay for hematologist, and I need a bone marrow biopsy. How much does this test cost, including lab work and doctor fee´s?

You have to check. In the local area , unfortunately it is so variable for the same service , if you can not afford , speak to your doctor will do at reduced cost , even may wave it , other alternative go to a city hospital or clinic .
Call a lawyer. Dr. Rao also gave you good advice. Please also seriously consider contacting an attorney who's known for being willing to help ordinary people without money. If you actually need a bone marrow exam -- for example, to rule leukemia in or out -- no insurance carrier will deny you.

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Trying to educate myself as my hematologist has mentioned polycythemia. Running more labs and said I may need a bone marrow biopsy. Is that necessary?

Polycythemia. This process that your specialist has outline is normal. The concentration of the blood can be a normal issue with some medication reactions. If you smoke you will have polycythemia. Too much concentration of the blood can clog up arteries and cause damage and the reason for this must be determined. Read more...
Consider a consult. I do not know all the details, but with your age and your treatment history this does not seem like a setting in which i would suspect polycythemia vera rubra, and a mutation assay might be ordered first if this is a consideration. And the fact that you sent this question while already under a hematologist's care suggests to me you want a 2nd opinion in any case. It's absolutely your right. Read more...