How long do antibiotics take to kick in?

Depends Abx & route. Speed of action requires an antibiotic enter the blood and get to the area of infection treated. Intravenous meds acheive this status quicher than those given by mouth. Oral meds must be absorbed and enter the blood. The delay takes time. Some antibiotics, like amoxicillin, seem to bring faster response than a med like cefdinir, due to their mode of action.
It depends. The type or class of antibiotic, dosage, route of administration as well as the absorption of the antibiotic into your system could be determining factors.It is a good idea that before you leave your doctor's office you know the answer to a few questions-what is the antibiotic for, side effects, interactions with other meds, and how soon should you see a difference.Call your doctor if problems arise.
Antibiotics. As soon as you take it but needs level of concentration to kill bacteria. Some last for 6 hours , 12 hours treatment has to continue depending on severity of illness.