Stomach pain, acid stomach, brown and red itchy skin rashes, everytime I eat something with acid it will bother me at night during my sleep. Help!

See your doctor. It looks like you have 2 problems, stomach pain and skin rashes. You might have acid reflux / gastritis or peptic ulcer diseases. You can try otc antacid or acid reduction meds like zantac (ranitidine) in the meantime but you need to be seen and evaluated to have it treated correctly. Also it's almost impossible to know what your skin rashes might be if we don't see it. Your local doctor can help.

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I have very itchy skin all over my body. Mainly legs and stomach areas. There are no bumps or rashes anywhere. Mainly happens when showering/sleeping?

Itching. Generalized itching without associated rash is often due to very dry skin. After showering, rub in a moisturizing substance like keri lotion to restore oils to your skin. Other causes could be diabetes,prickly heat, thyroid disorder or certain malignancies like lymphoma. A dermatologist could advise you and order any appropriate tests. Read more...

Could it be lukemia? Itchy skin rash thst burns more during hot shower, fatigue, full stomach, infections, high WBC count,

More information. The symptoms of leukemia can include, fevers, fatigue, easy bruising, nose bleeds or gum bleeding, enlarged lymph nodes, recurrent infections, headaches and sometimes a rash. A high WBC count can be caused by leukemia, but those wbcs will look abnormal (called blasts = leukemia cells). Your CBC might also show anemia and low platelets. A bone marrow is the gold standard if your doc is concerned. Read more...