When should I switch off formula?

12 months. By the first birthday most babies are ready to transition to whole or 2% milk. Remember that milk will become secondary in their diets and therefore your baby should be eating a wide variety of foods. Formula has iron and many vitamins, whole milk does not. Check with your doctor to make sure your child is getting all the nutrition, iron and vitamins he or she needs.
12 months. After the 1-year birthday, a baby may stay on regular formula or switch to whole cow milk. A baby may also continue on regular formla, and later switch to "toddler formula" starting around age 18 months, if not wanting to use cow milk.
12 months. Most babies can be switched to whole milk at one year of age. It is important to add a vitamin supplement, such as poly-vi-sol with iron at a dose of 1ml per day, if your baby is not already taking one. It is ok to continue formula until 2 years old, but it certainly is more expensive.
12 months. At your baby's 1 year birthday, you can switch from commercial baby formula to ordinary cow's milk, either whole or 2%.