Does a spinal anesthesia hurt?

Not usually. A correctly done spinal has very little pain associated with it. The anesthesia care provider will place local anesthesia first and then the needle with the spinal medication. Occasionally if there is difficulty passing the needle between the spinous processes and into the correct space, heavy pressure of pain may be felt. Let the anesthesiologist know and they give more local anesthesia through t.
Shouldn't. A local anesthetic is placed in the skin first so you will feel a pinch and possible buring for a second. After that the spinal needle is placed thru the anesthetized area and directed into the canal where the fluid surronds the spinal nerves. You might feel some pushing and pressure during that process, but shouldn't be very bad at all. After that it is all down hill. Don't fret.
No. Some discomfort , minimum pain before inserting the spinal needle local anesthesia will be given.
No. The initial local anesthesia skin wheal in your back stings a little, but that is all.
Spinal without pain. In uncomplicated cases and experienced hands the only pain patient feels is from injection of Lidocaine to prevent patient from feeling discomfort from spinal needle. Problem arises when anesthesiologist can not get the needle to the right spot and tries other levels without adequate local anesthetic. In the right setting it does not happen. The answer: spinal does not hurt. Good luck.