What ultrasound looks at the adrenal glands?

Retroperitoneal US. Exam should include the adrenals, but they are hard to see with ultrasound unless abnormally large. They are not usually commented on in an us report unless clearly abnormal.
Not the best test. Ct or MRI are the best tests to image the adrenal glands. U/s can visualize them if they're really big.

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I have to go in for an ultrasound of my adrenal glands because of elevated testosterone and something else what could it be?

Tumor. Ultrasound is good at picking up anatomic abnormalities, such as a tumor. Read more...
Just being thorough. There is a very rare (like i've never seen one) tumor of the adrenal gland that can produce overabundance of testosterone in young women. Ultrasound is done to make sure there is no tumor on the gland. Read more...