Will a MRI without contrast show MS lesions? Brain and spine clear on recent mri, still having tingling/heat sensitivity. My neuro says no ms.

Likely, yes. Mri brain and cervical spine are only part of the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. However, if those non-contrast scans are negative, i'd look for other causes of your symptoms, including thyroid disturbance, high or low blood sugar, anemia, and others. Journal your symptoms, note trends and factors that worsen or improve your symptoms--that is very high-yield! good luck!
Start here. Your neurologist likely has found no clinical history or exam findings consistent with ms, and the MRI is likewise not showing lesions. Consider that a different problem may be causing your symptoms, such as metabolic problem, or even a small fibre neuropathy. Seems reasonable to have a comprehensive conference with your doctor and get some directions for future management.

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After taking a dose of prednisone I had sudden numbness&strange sensations in left leg. Lingering heat sensitivity in left heel since then. MRI brain/spine show herniated disc, osterarthritis&anteriorlisthesis. Was worried about ms but mri neg. Thoughts?

Not related to Pred. but could possibly be to the herniate disc. The doc who ordered these tests should interpret them for you. Good luck! Read more...
See MD. Presumably, your doctor ordered the MRI. You should discuss the results vis-a-vis your symptoms in order to correlate them and create both a further diagnostic and treatment plan. Read more...