How to prevent osteopenia and porosis?

Be active, eat right. Pick your parents, don't smoke, alcohol in moderation (2/d-man, 1/d-women), be active, esp. Weight bearing exercises, e.g. Walk, run, racket sports, bball, etc); maintain weight (>115-120 helps), get your menstrual period, get adequate (not xs) protein, calories, , a, k, calcium, vitamin d in diet (other dietary factors like magnesium, selenium, silicon, boron, vitamin k are not as easily deficient.

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I have large spinal fusion, w/failed hardware, osteopenia/porosis. Been on Forteo since 10/14, new cat scan shows osteolysis, new since last exam.??

Check with doctor. Hello. Sounds like you're in a position to legitimize updates on good spinal cord/column health. The results simply refer to a loss of bone or resorption processes going on which don't surprise me given the procedure you had, however, you should check with doctor to make sure they've got you on maximum preventative regimens so that you can minimize bone loss in that area. Read more...