Why did I just get a nose bleed? Taking one baby aspirin daily.

Baby aspirin rarely. Baby Aspirin may predispose, but are almost never a direct reason for a nose bleed. Typically nose bleeds are caused by conditions localized in the nasal passages. If the nose bleed is recurrent, or persistent despite the usual measures to control it, i.e. Local pressure and cold compress, ENT evaluation is warranted.
Aspirin and dry air. Aspirin blocks clotting in the blood as you probably know. Nose bleeds are pretty common for all of us. Dry air, colds, and allergies can make you more susceptible to nose bleeds. Stop the nose bleed by pinching the nostrils together for ten minutes. Check with your doctor to see if you still need to be on the aspirin.

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It was suggested from my doc to start taking a baby aspirin daily. I would get a nose bleed after 3/4 days. I'd stop and nose bleeds would stop. Start again and nose bleeds would start again. Should I continue taking....Because of the positive contri

QOD. Another approach would trying 81mg every other day....However your recurrent nose bleeds may be treatable with cautery...Discuss with your physician.
See your Dr. Any positive benefit of taking a baby Aspirin daily would be outweighed by the bleeding that you have. Check with your doctor to make sure that there isn't something else that could be contributing to the nasal bleeding. Most people don't bleed on that low of a dose so have it checked.

Did not have nose bleed before starting this baby aspirin. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes. Aspirin can negatively affect the body's ability to clot the blood. Thus it is easier to have bleeding problems, such as nosebleeds. Discuss this with your doctor.
Yes. Aspirin prevents heart attacks and strokes by interfering with platelet aggregation which is the first step in blood clotting. As such, bleeding is more apt to occur. You can't get the benefit without accepting the risk. That's just how it is. If nose bleeds are a problem, you should see an ENT specialist. You may have a polyp, ulcer, or something else that's bleeding and needs care.