Ankle sprain/avulsion fractured talus - 1 wk later still slight swelling, pain if bearing weight - foot turns purple & throbs when standing. Normal?

Ankle Injury. If you have an avulsion fracture of the talus it depends on the size of the avulsion. Not seeing your xray it is tough to recommend treatment. However, you need to get on crutches and be non weight bearing. When you stand the swelling has nowhere to go and stays in your foot. That's why elevation above the heart is essential. Also ice the ankle when you get the swelling down and keep it elevated.
Avulsion fx. Answer is yes. It will take about 4-6 weeks to heal. You need to be in a camwalker boot for at least 3 weeks.
Yes. This is normal. If this fracture is large and displaced, it will need to be fixed by surgery. If it is small, you will wait for it to heal. If it continues to hurt and swell, the small fragment will need to be removed.
Yes. You break a bone it hurts! should be non weight bearing and immobilized if not displaced. Avulsion fracture may need to be removed if large.