What is the prognosis for rheumatoid arthritis?

Good. We have developed a variety of medicines that can help rheumatoid arthritis. The important thing is early as possible diagnosis and immediate and intensive therapy including medications, exercise including physical therapy. We need to start medication as soon as possible.
Fair. Ra can be treated successfully if treated early with dmard medications such as Enbrel (etanercept) and humira. Multiple medication can be appropriate. If the disease is advanced and not treated it can be crippling.This is a reason why early detection and treatment is important. Seek medical attention rather than accept a notion there is nothing else anyone can do as therapies are constantly changing.
Better outlook now. The prognosis for RA is markedly improved since the advent of biologics. Often combination therapy is used to keep the disease as quiet as possible. Methotrexate is the mainstay medication given its effectiveness seen in clinical trials and practice. It is important to remain active throughout your life. Overall, there is more hope for RA patients than ever before. .

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