Any other options that may help me with my pain from TMJ like tens?

ULF-TENS & orthosis. I use ultra low frequency tens to relax the muscles of the face prior to taking a bite for TMJ treatment appliances. It is different than the type of tens used for pain management. Ulf tens alone is of limited value. The bite appliance keeps the muscles relaxed and the jaw on a proper path of closure, key issues in the management of patients withtmd.
TENS excellent but.. Tens (transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation) can be very effective if used correctly and in conjunction with other exercises and therapy. Please consider a neuromuscular TMJ specialist. I use tens often, but not as my only modality.
Yes! There are many, many options for the treatment of TMJ problems. Which treatment is recommended depends on what the TMJ problem is and what the underlying cause is. Tens therapy is a good nonsurgical alternative for painful TMJ problems, is relatively noninvasive and safe and effective for many patients. Other options include splint therapy, orthodontic treatment and even surgery.
TENS might help,also. Depends on symptoms, and cause of symptoms. 3 signs of TMJ dysfunction: joint noises, joint pain & limited oral opening. Self treat with soft diet, jaw exercises, massage, heat/cold, OTC pain meds. A splint or physical therapy would be next. Occasionally muscle relaxants, biofeedback. Xrays are done for diagnosis. Surgery usually reserved for serious symptoms not responsive to other treatments.