Which vitamin & calcium suppliments r good for thal major? & what's the best time to take any vitamin suppliments or fish oil capsules?

No endorsement. You are asking for answers that are not possible. First we do not endorse or promote any products. And, second, there is no right or wrong time to take supplements and vitamins. One should always follow the recommended instructions on the product you choose.
Thal major & vitamin. Good information is available on www.Thalassemia.Org. The following are typically recommended: calcium 1000 mg, vitamin d 400 iu, zinc 8 mg, copper 900 mcg, selenium 55 mcg, vitamin c 100-2540 mg (if on chelation therapy), and vitamin e 100 iu daily. Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

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Can I take these vitamins together: fish oil and calcium/magnesium with vit d and prenatal vitamins?

Some. The fish oil and prenatals are fine together. Ask your doctor how much calcium and vitamin d you need based on your diet. It may be worth getting a vitamin d level. If you need to take the additional calcium, it's probably best to take it apart from the prenatals, which also usually contain calcium. Read more...

I take calcium, magnesium, hair/nails/skin vitamin, iron, and fish oil vitamin. How am I supposed to feel and how to I know they are working?

Hard to know. If you have had a deficiency of one of these vitamins or minerals, your symptoms should gradually improve- hair/nails will take a while because of slow growth. If taking for general health, it is certainly tricky to know because the goal is to not develop a condition. So, if you don't develop a condition, is it because the supplement helped or if you wouldn't have got it anyway. Good luck! Read more...

Is it unhealthy for me to take these vitamins separately once per day; vitamin c, calcium, fish oil, coq10, and vitamin b?

Probably. More and more data suggests that most supplements are not so helpful especially if you eat a well balanced and plant based diet with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Calcium is trending more towards potentially dangerous in more recent studies. Read more...