What are the most common migraine headache symptoms? How does aura differ?

Migraine headache. Migraine symptoms are frontal throbing headache with one of the following: nausea, vomiting, inability to stand bright light or noise. Aura symptoms are: visual disturbances like blurry vision, seeing flashes or zigzag, dizziness, numbness or weakness in one side of the body, the aura usually is followed by the headache.
Migraine. Migraine is usually a one sided headache of moderate to severe intensity. It will last 4-72 hours and may include nausea, liight and sound sensitivity. Migraine is thought to be a genetic disorder so you will probably have a relative with similar headaches. In some cases, people will have aura symptoms that come on prior to the headache. These will generally last no longer than one hour.
Throbbing headache. Unilateral throbbing headache...........Aura is mostly if it is a classical migraine.......Most common type ofmigraine is atypical....Which can have different but consistent provocating factors and resulterd symptoms.