My son has cerebral palsy, autism, catatonic schizophrenia, seizures, mental retardation, lower left lobe of brain is missing, strabismus and was born?

Cerebral palsy. Needs long term treatment periodicaly medications shall shall need adjustment.
Etiology (cause)? Could something have disrupted development of the fetal brain, which forms the 3rd-10th week after conception ; continues to form during pregnancy ; beyond? With a referral from your pediatrician, a pediatric neurologist, developmental/behavioral pediatrician, ; geneticist can look for genetic ; other medical causes of your son's condition. Unfortunately, a cause is not always found.
Multiple conditions. It sounds like your son has many challenges. You do not mention his age, but the under age 3 the early intervention program and over 3 your local school district provide services at no charge. Families with exceptional children have a lot of stress so make sure to take care of yourself. Check with your sons doctor for local services that can help you.

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My son has cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, catatonic schizophrenia, seizures, & no lower left lope of brain what is his life expectancy?

Who knows! So sorry about your son. All of his conditions you could think might cause a shorter life span for all sorts of reasons, but with good care one never knows. Accidents, poor nutrition ( because he doesn't eat well), progressive brain deterioration if repeated seizures, infections, general stress with its harmful physical effects, all could contribute to premature death. Best of luck! Read more...
Hard to say. If you haven't already done so you need to find the local arc chapter.These often provide access to information on these issues, and access to other parents dealing with the problems at different ages. My experience is that most make it into their teens, but depending on their health issues may not make it past their twenties.The hard road ahead is better shared with those in similar situations. Read more...