Should you give up milk if you have irritable bowel?

It couldn't hurt. A lot of the patients i know with ibs seem to have allergies to dairy products so it would be an easy trial. If things get better i would definitely avoid dairy products and milk. No harm in trying.

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What over the counter medicines help with irritable bowel syndrome? My lower stomach burns and ACHES with gas pain every time I eat or drink milk.

Lactose intolerance. 18 year old woman with burning and aching with gas every time she eats or drinks dairy products. Have you tried a lactase supplement? You may just have lactose intolerance. How are your bowel and bladder habits? Pain around the time of period? Diagnosed with IBS criteria? If so, have you tried a low FODMAP diet for 6-8 weeks? See a dietician.Read: Read more...