Can you get diverticulitis from a bowel perforation during a hysterectomy?

Not likely. Diverticulosis is when you have pouches form in the wall of the colon; it usually develops slowly w/ age. It may be genetic, related to constipation or to a low fiber diet. Diverticulitis is when 1 of these pouches gets inflamed & infected, leading to pain, fever, obstruction, bleeding & abscesses. This doesn't usually result from surg trauma, but the symptoms can be similar to a perforation.
No. Unrelated. Diverticulitis is a condition not related to previous trauma or perforation. It is related with genetic predisposition, constipation and diet.

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Can you tell me about risk of bowel perforation during laparoscopic hysterectomy?

Very uncommon. Any abdominal or pelvic surgery can result in a bowel injury. The risk depends on how complicated the surgery is to perform. The experience of your surgeon is also important. On the rare occasion that the bowel is injured it can usually be repaired with minimal problems. Problems result if your surgeon did not realize the bowel was perforated. Read more...

Any risk of bowel perforation during hysterectomy?

Yes. The bowel is adjacent to the uterus so it is at risk of injury during surgery to remove the uterus. This is especially of concern if there are adhesions or scar tissue due to endometriosis, previous surgery, or cancer. I recommend bowel preps before a davinci or laparoscopic hysterectomy to minimize risks of a bowel perforation and to facilitate repair if it should occur. Read more...