My legs and tummy are chunky and I really want liposuction. Should I do before babies? Any suggestions?

Yes, anytime..... Chunky legs and thighs are almost impossible to reduce with exercise and weight loss, especially the lateral thighs or 'saddle bags". The inner thigh with thinner skin has to be done very carefully to avoid divots. The anterior thigh can similarly be a challenge as irregularities develop as the fat is removed. Circumferential reduction of the thigh is best for patients with large thighs.
Body Contouring. Pregnancy can affect the outcome of body contouring as can any additional weight gain or loss. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon and weigh the short term benefits with the long term effects before committing to surgery.
Not a major factor. You need to have great diet and exercise habits for both. Assuming you are not now pregnant, lps can be safe and effective in the event of future pregnancies. Important to be in good physical condition with high protein/controlled carbs, and low fat diet. Once the fat has been removed, there is minimal potential for large volume return if you take care of yourself.
Thigh reduction. Volumetric reduction of the legs can be technically challlenging as there are "no-fly" zones or really no-lipo zones. These are typically the front and back of the thighs as well as the far inside and outside area of the thighs just above the knee where zones of adherence must be preserved.