Would lasik vision correction be a good for me at 55?

Depends. Lasik corrects distant vision;we older folks usually have poor near vision which has more to do with things inside of the eye versus the corneal shape (distant vision), but you should discuss this with an eye dr.
Possibly. It depends on how advanced your cataracts are. It may make more sense to do cataract surgery instead if you have cataracts already. You need to see an eye doctor.
Laser vision . Laser vision correction is definitely an option at age 55 if everything else is normal. About 50% of patients after age 45 will consider monsoon treatment which is one eye distance/ one eye near. This avoids having to use reading glasses postoperatively and offers a full range of vision.
Possibly. Lasik sculpts the eye into a lens equivalent to your distance correction which means you can give up the upper part of your bifocal. However, it does not compensate for the fact that at 55, your natural lens no longer can adjust for near. So if all went well and it usually does, you can walk around seeing clearly but will need to get a pair of reading glasses for near work.