Why is self esteem related to body image?

Voices Within Us. It's painful not 2feel good about urself. I wonder what kind of "mirroring" u got when u were young -what u heard about urself from adults around u, esp ur caregivers, while growing up. If their voices were critical & harsh, vs nurturing & encouraging. I wonder if u felt criticized 4ur appearance or u heard adults being critical of own/others' looks. We tend 2absorb msgs we hear repeatedly as kids.
Reproduction. To bond and reproduce is a basic human need. If we preceive ourselves as unattractive we doubt our ability to achieve this need and self esteem is damaged.
Mental Health . The "why' questions are nearly impossible to answer in medicine. Why do things happen a certain way? If we do not know the why answers we just deal with the realities of what they are causing. If self esteem in your case is related to body image then that is what you work on with your therapist.

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What are some ways I can boost my self esteem and fix my negative body image?

Turn off the TV. We are so inundated with unrealistically beautiful people that it's hard not to feel inadequate. Personally, I don't look in mirrors except to check for black or green stuff between my teeth and no dirt on my kisser (old term for face). Keeping fit, eating right, being kind and honest make you an exceptional person overall. I always say, "Dumb but sweet, beats smart and mean." Read more...

I am afraid of being intimate with low self esteem about body image. Do you have any tips?

This is common . Go seek therapy and find out what the issue is, besides this and when it started. EMDR, therapy might overcome the issue so you can be happy in being intimate as you choose. Holding back will keep you feeling isolated and alone for no reason. If you need medications for mood issues, that is an option. Good luck. Exercising and affirmations help anyone feel better about themselves. . Read more...