What are the symptoms in ra?

Joint pain + swellin. Joint pain + swelling are cardinal symptoms of ra. Especially small and large joints - fingers, feet, wrists, ankles and knees. Other joints can also be involved but characteristically not the back. There can also be stiffness in the morning lasting an hour or more. We sometimes see subcutaneous nodules and look at laboratory and imaging data to help make the diagnosis.
Pain, swelling. Rheumatoid arthritis causes painful, swollen joints lasting for several weeks in multiple areas of the body. A doctor needs to diagnose the disease with lab testing.

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What are symptoms of adult ra? My child has jia and lately some of my joints have been sore esp my knees and a lil stiff after sitting to long

Rheumatoid arthritis. Symptoms of RA can vary greatly. Startup pain ( to get going after sitting for a while) can certainly be one of them, but can also be 'normal' arthritis. Best solution would be to check with a rheumatologist and have your rheumatoid factor and other factors tested in the blood to see what's going on. Combined with maybe x-rays and a good exam, you can find out. Best of luck! Read more...
RA . Fatigue, joint stiffness usually of small joints of hands, wrists , elbows, shoulders, knees , ankles and feet though on occasion it can start on a larger joint and spread to affect rest of the joints in a symmetrical fashion. Morning stiffness is usual. Swelling of affected joints are common . Check with rheumatologist for such symptoms as early diagnosis plays significant role in treatment. Read more...