Ear pain infection problems and treatement?

Ear infections. Hello, ear infections are divided into external, middle and inner ear as to the location of the problem. Outer ear infections could be bacterial or fungal. Middle ear are usually bacterial or viral while inner ear infections are usually viral. Therapy depends on the location of the infection, culture results and severity.

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I have ear pain and ear leakage mean infection, what to do for treatment?

Time for visit. This can mean an active middle ear infection with a perforation of the ear drum or just a significant canal infection.Treatment would differ based on the actual site of the infection. If a perforation in an adult, it would require longer term followup and possible repair. This is one issue that deserves an office evaluation with your doc. Read more...

My son age 13 had bad throat infection. He's been tasting blood in throat. Has bad ear pain for months. Awful pressure when bends. ENT not found problem?

Earache. This sound like sinus problem with nasal congestion & post nasal drip that is the reason for the throat pain, the earache & the bloody taste in the throat, try to use saline nasal spray or rinse, gargle & go back to his doctor & request evaluation of his sinuses. I hope he feels better soon, good luck. . Read more...