How are twins happening in older stars! Will there ever be a cure for infertility in regular older females?

Probably donor egg! Many stars in their "late 40's" are succceding with egg donation but very few publicly talk about fertility treatment such as ivf, let alone use of an egg donor. Many of them are of course older than their stated ages. It would give more social acceptance to women facing their own fertility struggles if more were open about it. Ovarian stem cells may cure infertility in older women in the future.
Movie Stars & twins. Fertility starts to decline around age 35 and dramatically declines in women over 40 years old. Many women over 40, not just movie stars, need help to achieve a pregnancy with fertility therapies, such as in vitro fertilization (ivf). With ivf, typically two embryos are placed in the uterus resulting in a 40% twin rate, as opposed to 1.5% in the general population. Women in their mid to late 40’s.