Immunization shots for school? Do we have a right to refuse them?

Why??? For those who get their vaccine info from playboy playmates or the occasional shady dr you can believe whatever you want. Because of false vaccine info the whooping cough cases have climbed from 2k to 13k in the us with 20+ preventable deaths /yr.It would be nice if unvaccinated kids had to ware a sign so other parents could keep their distance & avoid exposure that might kill their newborn.
Take a GOOD look... ...punkrokk. This is a child with chickenpox. Chickenpox can KILL. It can also lead to brain damage, lung damage, seizures, and permanent disfigurement. Not just in your children, but in other children. It's MUCH WORSE if an unimmunized child gets it as an adult. They not infrequently wind up in the ICU or dead. Do you want that on your conscience?