Can people have hypertension, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia use food for long term cure?

DIET. Great question: optimal diet is DASH Diet: low salt, low saturated fat, low cholesterol, 8 servings of colored fruit and vegetables daily, \low refined carb; low bread; no sugar; whole grains and low animal protein (4 - 5 oz per day of very lean meat, fish, poultry only). Don't smoke. Drink 3 liters fluid per day. Minimize caffeine. Add omega 3. Achieve ideal weight. Exercise twice daily.
YesFoodisPrimaryMed! However, contrary to mainstream medical disease system recommendations (1 version summarized by Dr. Mahnensmith), go Hi-Fat (of natural origin) eg Hi-Fat meats (?fat/?meat) + above ground veggies (zero corn) all the multicolored veggies (add butter, real cheese, etc.), moderate protein & avoid all carbs (this includes nearly all fruit; only a few small berries occasionally). Study:
Food for BP and Lip. Food alone will not cure these condition but is very important part of the therapy.All these conditions need to be treated with life style changes.Like weight loss, low carb, low salt and diet low in saturated fats and exercise, but that alone may not be enough.So see your doctor for advice and you may naad some meds to treat and control these conditions.There is no long term cure for these, and meds may be needed in most cases under doctors supervision only.
Yes! If the person ate enormously for a long time, adopting a healthier lifestyle will resolve all that. I had patients with new diabetes + HTN cholesterol problem. She lost 30.Lb and got rid of all problems. She also became very pretty.