If a woman with high risk HPV -cerivcal dsyplasma gives a man oral job only is it transmitt able or not.

Depends. HPV is a site specific invader. If she has HPV in her oral cavity it could be transferred to your penis during oral sex. If not, you would acquire it on your penis through vaginal sex. ( If that is where she has it. ) It does not travel in her blood to her oral cavity but could get there from oral on an infected person.
Yes. Hpv is a skin organism. It doesn't just live on the cervix. The cervix is a good place for it to grow and replicate but it can live on any part of the skin. There is truly no way to protect ourselves from hpv. In the Gardasil vaccine trial, 37% of 9 yr olds had already been exposed by checking blood tests. So yes, any skin to skin contact can transmit hpv.