What is the treatment for a fractured 2nd metatarsal of the foot.

See doc; get X-ray. It is important that the fracture be diagnosed and evaluated by x-ray. Depending on the location of the fracture as well as the extent of displacement, it will dictate the treatment protocol. Being that it is the 2nd metatarsal and crucial with weight bearing, i suggest you do not delay going to see the doctor. See a podiatrist or orthopedist.
Immobilize. You should have a proper physical exam and review of you medical history. Regarding the 2nd metatarsal fracture, treatment can range from a cast or boot for several weeks to surgical repair - if the fracture is displaced. Further, its important to evaluate your overall bone health... Osteopenia, etc...See you physician asap for xrays and reccs. Happy feet ! -dr. H-.
Immobilization . First make sure it is not displaced. Immobilization is a key to healing and expect 6-8 weeks for it to heal. If displaced surgery may be needed.
It depends. If it is displaced, it needs to be fixed by surgery. If it is not displaced, you will need a fracture boot. Non weightbearing helps too. A cast is also used for this.

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Fractured 2nd, 3rd, 4th metatarsal from nasty fall 3wk ago. Plastered foot atm. What treatment do u suggest (2nd and 3rd alignment off).?

How far off? The three weeks since your injury have certainly substantially reduced or eliminated immediate treatment options. But rest easy. As long as the alignment position is minimal, there should be little affect on healing. These cases are best assessed with a full set of immediate post fracture x-rays and immediate reduction x-rays. Read more...
Depends. It varies based on a more detailed description of the injury. Displaced metatarsal fractures do not always need surgery, but there is a critical part of the foot where the metatarsal bones meet the tarsal bones and if it is involved it must be perfectly realigned and fixed otherwise you may have a very poor outcome. Make sure you are seeing a specialist. Read more...