Why do my calf muscles ache so bad after 8 hours on my feet?

Consider . Arch supports and compressive socks. Venous insufficiency from poor valves may be a cause or faulty biomechanics from pronated feet.
Calf Strain. Standing is perhaps the worse activity for our bodies. It takes constant work of our calf muscles to hold up upright and prevent falling, or at least, bad posture. The pain can come for many reasons. The calf muscles develop too much tightness and must be stretched regularly. The calf muscles can strained and weakened and must be strengthened. Or, the fluid collects needing support hose. Dr blake.

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I have had aching calf muscles for a week and my feet get very sore?

Need more info. If you have been doing more exercise than usual, that can explain it. If you are sendentery or immobile, or if there is any swelling of the calf, best to see your doctor about this. Read more...