I have ruptured l-5-s1, nerve damage, facet syndrome l-2-s1, lateral recess stenosis. What could be done to give me reliefothee than pain manegement?

Back pain. Exercise! recommend that you do a neutral spine core stability program for a 6-8 weeks. Consider an inversion table or nubax trio. If not significantly improved it may be time to have it evaluated by pain management. Can see videos of neutral spine exercises on youtube. This includes planks and "birddog".
Try these. Decompress nerves , disc and sars then try rf abltion of facets spinal cord stimulator avoid fusions, perserve muscle tissue and spinal alignment good luck , find and treat the treatable accept the rest avoid long acting narcotics and pumps my opinion.

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I have ruptured l3-s-1with facet autropathy present l2-s1, lateral recess stenosis, and mass effect on my s1 nerve root. Besides prescription therapy. What helps?

Several options. There are a few options for treatment. You mentioned physical therapy. That certainly is effective a substantial % of the time.Other options include pain management therapy.Pain specialists are very good at adjusting medications that maximize pain control.They may also perform epidural steroid injections.Finally, depending on the correlation of the MRI findings with symptoms-surgery is an option. Read more...