Is not sleeping the night before surgery bad. Will I come out of general anesthesia?

Better to sleep! It's best if you have surgery and anesthesia when you are feeling at your best. If you normally take any type of sleeping pill, take it on your usual schedule. If you don't, and you're worried about sleeping, ask your doctor to prescribe a small dose of a sedative like Xanax (alprazolam) for you to take the night before surgery. But even if you can't sleep, you'll wake up from anesthesia just fine.
Relax. Not sleeping before surgery is fairly normal and expected. You make the anesthetists job easier, thats all. That has nothing to do with waking up. You will wake up without any problems. Count on it.
Yes. The effect of a bad night sleep before anesthesia will not affect your coming out of surgery.
Sleep normally. Your sleep the night before will in no way affect your waking up after surgery. Anesthesia is very safe. You will do fine.
Yes you will. Yes you will complications from general anesthesia are rare. Don, t worry you will be ok.