I have bad facial skin with zits at 15. Will I have acne?

Yes. You are describing "acne"."zits" are the lesions we describe as acne. Do not think that all acne is the same-some is very severe with painful and large cysts while most often the problem is small and quickly cleared pimples. All the spectrum is treatable with everything from mild over the counter cleansers to powerful oral medicines. Ask you dr.

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How to manage acne prone facial skin n sensitive? Is adapalene too harsh for sensitive skin to reduce the appearance of dead skin and acne?

Acne. Sensitive skin patients should use gentle non soap cleansers to wash as needed. The key is to start out with one product at a time to help gauge sensitivity. An otc benzoyl peroxide wash could be used in lower concentrations initially and then increased as tolerated. Topical retinoids should be tried every other or every third night before using nightly. See a dermatologist for treatment.

I was diagnosed with pcos yesterday. I have acne, oily skin and only my facial skin has a dark brown tan with light skin patches in it. Help!?

PCOS. There are treatments that help the symptoms and complications of pcos so it is important that you see your physician and follow their recommendations.
Treatable. Pcos is quite common and we're able to treat it. There's pills, but a big help is fitness. If your physician agrees, make it a point to find some form of real exercise that you enjoy and a few good folks who like it as well and will become your exercise buddies. "sisterhood is powerful", and your female friends -- some of whom may also have pcos -- will be a great resource.
See an RE. A board certified reproductive endocrinologist specializes in the treatment of pcos. Try to see one to get on the road to proper care.

My facial skin is so porous, I had acne but now its cleared but open pores and pits are left, gv me some natural or non hormonal n steroidal med. Plz?

Takes time. I'm glad your acne is resolved, but it mostly takes time for scars and pores to lighten. Continue washing with a gentle facial cleanser and use facial sunscreen to avoid further damage. Sometimes a cream that hydrates the skin such as RoC retinal Correxion Sensitive night cream may make lines and pores less obvious. Sometimes a dermatologist may use a surgical procedure like dermabrasion or laser.
Large Pores. A dermatologist can prescribe a powerful exfoliant, such as Retin-A Micro. In-office glycolic or salicylic acid peels are also a good way to keep pores clear. You’ll probably need at least three treatments,

Could a acne scar treatment cause discoloration to my facial skin?

Acne scar coloring. When scars are new, they can be pink, red, or other shades. As they age, they generally lighten until they are the color they will remain unless intervention is taken. That is why it is so important to treat scarring early. It is even more important to treat acne early enough so you avoid scarring entirely!
Yes. People should generally put sunscreen on any scar on the face with an spf of 30 or greater to reduce color changes in the scar for at least 6 months.
Yes. Acne scar treatment may cause discoloration to your facial skin. Particularly if you have skin of color (fitzpatrick IV to vi), overly aggressive treatment of your acne scar may cause pigmentary changes in your skin. They key is patience as your treatment progresses. Daily use of a broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen is a must.

What is best solution for facial skin after long acne treatment with aha acid? Skin is thin, sensitive, lost it's pigmentation and still have spots.,

Overtreated. The skin sounds like it is overtreated? Stop ahas and use Hydrocortisone cream for few days and see dermatologist to address pigment issues with slow approach to evening skin color. Possible weak retinoids such as retin a, (tretinoin) altralin, or differin.