How to get rid of the eye bags and dark circles from midterms?

Healthy lifestyle. More sleep, less stress...All the things you don't get when studying for midterms!
Dark circles. The best way to get rid of dark circles under eyes is with plenty of sleep and lots of fluids. Some people are more prone to this than others and their are some cosmetic creams that may increase circulation and help. Ice may reduce swelling.

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What are ways to get rid of eye bags and dark circles under the eyes?

Preparation H. As a conservative measure that you can do at home, you may notice temporary relief by applying preparation h to the area of dark circles. This works by constricting blood vessels under the skin. More permanent measures would require procedures ranging from chemical peels, to laser treatment or even incision surgery. Read more...

How can I get rid of dark circles and eye bags?

Dark circles. Under the eyes are difficult to irradicate completely. They're usually associated with eye fatigue or aging changes of the lids. There are some creams and lasers which sometimes help but not consistently. Discuss this with an ophthalmologist or dermatologist. Read more...

How to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles under eye and aging of the eye lids? What options surgery or non surgery, side effects procedure cost etc.

Plastic surgeon. Your best bet is to see a plastic surgeon and dermatologist ... As they will have the best treatment options (surgical, prescription, and professional-only products). Wish there was a better answer - but hope that helps! Read more...