If you had hep a and your liver is enlarged from drinking what will happen?

Hep A. Hep a is usually self limiting. It very very very rarely cause damages in normally healthy people with normal immune system. If your liver is already enlarged from alcohol = late stage failure, an acute hep a can worsen the liver final stage and launch it into a downward spiral.

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Can I die from drinking alcohol if my liver is enlarged from hep a?

You can die. From drinking alcohol period. It's even more dangerous if you already have liver problems. Alcohol is not essential, but a functioning liver is! just don't take the chance. Read more...

My doctor told me I have chronic parenchymal liver disease. I don't have Hep A, B, C. I drink alcohol in moderation. Is this reversible?

Liver disease. The answer you have been given so far is incomplete. The dr. is telling you that you have liver disease, but not what the cause of the liver disease is. Just because you do not have viral hepatitis does not mean that you do not have liver disease. I would stop drinking alcohol completely for now, until you have answers. You need further testing by a gastroenterologist to sort this out. Good luck. Read more...