Do any physiatrists offer talk therapy or are they just there for medication?

Yes and no. Psychiatrists do evaluations and some therapy as well as prescribe medications but most of the time if extensive psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy or "talk therapy " is performed by a psychologist or social worker/therapist .
If you mean. Do you mean psychiatrists? Physiatry is a different specialty. Psychiatrists are trained to do psychotherapy as well as medication management. Different modalities and practices exist, some of them chose to only dedicate to the medication part, and leave the formal psychotherapy to other mental health professionals. However, they always like to hear about your problems. Best luck.
Talk therapy. Psychiatrists are the original talk therapists and some of the best talk therapists out there are psychiatrists. The field has changed a lot in the last 100 years, so if you want talk therapy from a psychiatrist, make sure that you are clear about it in the beginning. All licensed mental health care professionals are trained to refer you to the best place for you. Best wishes.
Psychiatrists . This question is interesting. It's phrased using the word "physiatrists" (physical & rehabilitation medicine) but the context refers to psychiatrists (specialists in mental health). I'll respond as if the latter is meant: yes! some psychiatrists still do psychotherapy, and enjoy it. Managed care has shifted this for many, but many psychiatrist-therapists still live & breathe. Thanks for asking.
See a psychologist. Most are there for exercise prescriptions and injections, some do medications and only a few do "talk therapy." they would probably refer to a psychologist with clinical training in talk therapy. Talk therapy requires advanced skills and training, above and beyond an md. Thus said, there are also psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family counselors, priests/rabbis/preachers, etc.