Do you have to shower after sex to prevent yeast infections? Whether its sex with/without a condom (lubricated)? Is wiping and peeing after sex enough

Yeast infection. You do not usually have to shower after sex to prevent yeast infections. However, if you are having frequent yeast infections, you should see your doctor.
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It burns when I pee but only after sex. Can it be a yeast infection?

Possible. That could be due to a yeast infection, but it is more likely due to the mechanical irritation of the urethra due to penetration. It may help to insure adequate lubrication, and it may help to void as soon as possible after having sex. Read more...

If you don't go pee right after sex could you get a yeast infection?

Misinformed? The 'pee' rule is to prevent a urinary tract infection not a yeast infection. Yeast infections are not connected to sex and urine. Read more...