Been diagnosed w/ both TMJ & eustachian tube dysfuntion. How can one tell the difference in what problem an ear pain goes to?

See TMJ expert. It is possible but unlikely both TMJ and ET dysfunction are both present. Likely TMJ with secondary ear symptoms. See a TMJ expert for evaluation.
It is difficult. It is very difficult for a patient to be able to diagnose the difference. Both the ataj problem eustacian tube dysfunction can impact the area of the 'ear' with pain. Leave it to your md and dentist to figure out the best treatment for you!
Ear pain. Careful clinical exam will separate the two though there are overlapping features.

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The ringing in my ear stops when I swallow can that be TMJ? . Or is it just a problem with Eustachian tube? .

TMJ. TMJ where the head of the mandible exerts pressure on the ear can be a cause of tinnitus. If so, check to see if you open your mouth exactly in midline - draw a vertical line on the mirror. If not perfectly straight, practice relaxing jaw so it opens midline. Practice relaxing your jaw so it opens "straight." See my book, "Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror" for more information. Read more...