Is brown vaginal discharge your period?

Sometimes. If you are at the end of your period older blood is brown. It could also be infection. If you are concerned buy a hemoccult test at the drug store. If it is positive it is blood. Otherwise check with your doctor.

Related Questions

Will having brown vaginal discharge be a sign you are about to start your period?

Sometimes. Brown blood is old blood and not the fresh blood of a new period. If you are due for your period and do not start bright red blood in a few days check a pregnancy test.

What does it mean when you have brown vaginal discharge and never had your period before?

It might be a period. Your first period might just be a little brown mucous without red blood. Make sure and let your mother know that you might be starting.

Brown vaginal discharge and no period when it's expected? Discharge occurred 2 weeks before expected period

Mid cycle bleeding. Some women with spot a little when they ovulate. If this happens every month you should see a doctor for evaluation.

I have brown vaginal discharge for the past 2 days. My last period was a week and a half ago. What is causing this?

Infection or other. This could be due to an infection or blood. I would consult your obgyn, but if you begin to feel weak, fatigued, or feverish, i'd definitely consult your doctor immediately. Having discharge can lead to worsening problems if not addressed soon.

I have brown vaginal discharge for the past four days. My last period was about two weeks ago. What could be causing this?

See your doctor. Brown discharges are not normal from the vagina and could reflect infection, contamination, or more esoteric things, you need a proper vaginal examination (speculum and all) to get this checked out. Could be old blood or even part of a tampon left behind.

Hasn't had her first period yet (she is14) but she has been having a darkish brown vaginal discharge for the past couple of days. What does this mean?

Some bleeding. Dark brown discharge is almost certainly related to some degree of bleeding. If it persists, she should be seen to evaluate for abnormal bleeding. It would be appropriate to observe for another month to see if it recurs - if so it may be the beginning of her menses.