Is cervical interlaminar epidural block always better than cervical facet block? If interlaminar was no help, can facet joint block be helpful?

Depends. On what the reason for either injection is. Typically Epidural injections help with disk herniations, nerve impingement and spinal stenosis of the spine. Facet treatments basically address/help with the facet joint only as the source of the pain.
Depends on the Dx. Ddd disease may benefit from epidural steroids. If the DX is facet disease then the facet blocks will help in the diagnostic evaluation.
See below. A pain management anesthesiologist or other surgeon whom specializes in these procedures with good hands and a good reputation with good results . This procedure is done under fluoroscopic imaging .If indicated this is worth a try before undertaking any other surgery. Stay away from the idet procedure this does not work good luck thank you.
Two different things. Facet injections place medication at a specific joint within the vertebrae to calm inflammation in an actual small joint space. Epidural blocks are to calm nerve inflammation often from nerve entrapment at vertebral openings. Two different things. Physical exam and imaging should have shown difference between the two, but sometimes if you have pathology at both, it is hard to differ. Can try both.
Depends on pain. One might work while the other doesn't depending on the source of the pain/problem.

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