Are there any medications for ptsd other than zoloft (sertraline)? What is the maximum dosage for zoloft (sertraline)?

Max 200mg per day. There are a number of ssri's that can work similar to the same way zoloft (sertraline) does, but zoloft (sertraline) has some stronger research behind it for ptsd. You can ask your physician to try other ssri medication. However, make sure, with ptsd, that you include therapy and include a support system. This is not something that should be dealt with by meds only. Best of luck and i hope that helps.
Yes. There are other meds of the same class and other classes that can be added. It may help to get insomnia treated if that is a problem. Discuss with your psychiatrist. Only 30% of people w/mood and anxiety are adequately treated 1 drug, insomnia, daytime fatigue and pain out of proportion to tissue damage often remain and must be treated to 70% remission to avoid relapse. Good luck.

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How can one drug, like zoloft, (sertraline) be prescribed for so many different conditions? -dep, anx, ocd, ptsd etc etc

Antidepressant . Nobody knows for sure how this type of medicine works. However, it is well known that the drug interacts with receptors in the brain and block serotonin reuptake in the synaptic cleft, making it more available . Therefore, it is conceivable that many mental illnesses that are affected by serotonin could benefit from one drug. Read more...
Brain chemistry. I agree with dr augustin. It does come down to neurotransmitters (brain chemistry). Many medications are also used off -label for conditions in addition to the normal "indications". Read more...